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Strategic Emails

Financial Wellness Expos
for Cigna by Prudential

Develop and deliver a traveling Financial Wellness experience across numerous site locations, as well as a Virtual/Online Event experience for those unable to attend in person. This initiative incorporated multiple channels of communication, including print, digital and virtual reality opportunities. This multifaceted campaign helped employees to understand the importance of Financial Wellness, and to assist them in making the first step by completing a self-assessment.


Due to client company policies against the photo/social media aspect, another method to engage attendees in active participation at the expo was developed, in order to leave memorable impression. A Financial Wellness Goals heat map on which participants placed their stickers (3) in areas most important to them resulted in a visual, real-time measurement of what mattered most by category (i.e. paying of student debt, managing a daily budget, saving for retirement, etc.). This 60x36 board was kept by each location and used not only as a way for participants to relate to one another in what mattered most to them, but also to direct future communications towards those priorities going forward.